5 Days Pure Yoga Retreat


· 08:00 – 09.00 Yoga Class

· 09:00 – 17.00 Free Time

· 17:00 – 18.00 Yoga Class


5 Days Yoga Alliance Professionals
Pure Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreat according to our philosophy: Privacy with the Master

This Yoga Retreat is created to give the Yoga Enthusiast, Yoga Teacher and all other Passionate Yogi a picture in an intensive form showing all things Yoga.

When does the retreat start and how long does the pure Yoga retreat take

This Yoga retreat is now available and runs over the period of 5 days.

You will have 2 Hours of Yoga practice daily

What is included in my 5 day pure yoga retreat?

The Yoga Skyros Academy pure yoga retreat is based on the concept of small classes with a maximum of 10 Students

Things you will enjoy during this Retreat:

  • Intensive Practice of all Yoga Asanas
  • Intensive Practice of several different styles like Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.
  • Practice to increase movement fluidity and unite your breath with your movements.
  • Practice Yoga Nidra
  • Guided Meditations in the Evenings

The next course starting dates:

Any arrival day when approved before reservation.

This workshop is open for both non yoga teachers as well as certified Yoga teachers.


Some Highlights of the Master

Carmen Hellmann

Carmen brings more than 20 years of Specialised Experience;

  • She is a certified health coach from the dr. Sears Wellness Institute,
  • She is an advanced level personal fitness trainer,
  • aroma massage therapist, Thai massage therapist
  • Level II Muay Thai Instructor.

As a Professional Yoga Devotee, she holds the renowned Experienced Yoga Teacher 200 and 500 and is registered at Yoga Alliance USA and is also a Yoga Alliance Continuing Yoga Education Provider (YACEP).

She also applies her own unique and dynamic Yoga teaching program. She has studied and trained with Master Dickson in Hong Kong and Swami Vidyanand at New Delhi Transformational Yoga.

The Yoga Skyros Academy is based on the concept of small classes with maximum of 10 Students, high quality teaching, better learning and understanding, and better connection to your consciousness and inner peace. The following are just some aspects of the topics that you will cover during this Retreat:

· Intensive Practice of all Yoga Asanas

· Intensive Practice of different styles of Yoga i.e. Hatha Yoga, Yin, Vinyasa Yoga.

· Practice in a fluid manner and unite breathe with movement

· Practice different style of Yoga and choose your style.

· Practice specially Yoga Nidra

· Practice Meditation in the Evenings

With the Yoga Pure Training, the Yoga Skyros Academy takes a completely different approach - 100 percent practical and style focused. Yoga Skyros Academy has been training instructors to teach since 2005 and has set up many Yoga teachers for success in the field of teaching Yoga and will be a pleasure to do your Pure Yoga Retreat in such an environment.

You will need to participate in a preliminary interview before the start of the course and the arrival at the Yoga Skyros Academy.

Both certified and non certified Yoga enthusiasts are welcome