Terms and conditions of use


  1. A deposit may be necessary to secure a place on the course and should be paid at the time of the booking. Early Bird may apply 3 Months before starting the course.
  2. The full fee should be paid after arrival and at the beginning of the course.
  3. Applications will be taken on a ‘first come first served basis and students who have paid their deposit will have priority over those who haven’t.
  4. Reserving the right to refuse a place to students who have not paid their deposit or full fees by the required date.
  5. The fees must be paid in full and any private sessions paid for before a graduation certificate will be issued.

Not included in Fee/Included in Fee

  1. Included: • Training and assessment by a qualified Yoga Alliance Professionals SYT plus Certificate and registration at Yoga Alliance. • Full manual and other appropriate paperwork be handed over against a Fee of 60 Euro. • Breakfast and Accommodation
  2. Not included: • Flights and Lunch and Dinner for yourself • A certificate (paying the fees do not guarantee you a certificate as you will need to successfully pass Test 75 % and attend a minimum of 80% the course.
  3. Upon signing up for the teacher training course your name, email address and phone number will be forwarded to our accrediting body, Yoga Alliance Professionals YAP, and you will get a free membership with YAP for the duration of your course. We reserve the right to amend any of the above conditions any time through- out the course.

Refund Policy/Cancellation

  1. Deposit Payment is not refundable after 30 Days before arrival.
  2. No Cancellation and Refund of any Fee once the Student has started the Course.