Restore and Reset Retreat for Body and Mind


  • 08:00 - 09:00 Hatha Yoga Therapy sessions
  • 00 - 10.00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 - 11:00 Treatment schedule according to assessment
  • 11:00 - 16:00 Free time to enjoy and relax like hiking, swimming in the sea, visiting beauty treatments, shopping, etc.
  • 17:00 - 18:00 Hatha Yoga Therapy session

Note: On Saturday, there is only a yoga class from 09:00 - 10:00 and 1 treatment. Sunday is a day off.


5 Days Restore and Reset
Retreat for body and mind

Retreat according to our philosophy: Privacy with the Master

5 Days in Professional Hands

It is time now to give yourself a break and give yourself a Time Out in the fabulous and unique Yoga Skyros Retreat. Avoid Burn Out, take the Right Step and prepare for difficult times.


When does the course start and how long does the Retreat for body and mind take?

This course is now available and runs over the period of 5 days.

For practical questions on arranging a start date we encourage you to contact us

What is included in my Restore and Reset Yoga course?


The first day assessment will design the treatment plan for the rest of the week.

  • Dr. Bach Consultations in order to remove the Negative Feelings·
  • Kinesiology to remove energy blockages in your body
  • The Touch for Health Technic by Dr. Goodheart.
  • You will receive treatments using acupressure
  • Massage Therapies

Yoga as Therapy

Western Medicine treats the Symptoms.  Our goal is to treat the origin of the disease.

The next course starting dates:

Any arrival day when approved before reservation.

This workshop is open for both non yoga teachers as well as certified Yoga teachers.


“ Health is our Heritage, Our Right”.

Dr. Edward Bach 1930.

What is so different about the retreat concept at the Yoga Skyros Academy?

It week will give you a total immersion in a unique restore and reset program.

After a first day assessment we will design a special reset week schedule based on your personal needs.

Self-Healing power can be restored with:

  • Yoga Therapy sessions
  • Kinesiology
  • Dr. Edward Bach remedy session
  • Massage Therapy

This 5 day combination will establish the harmony to enable life and joy to shine in and through you.

Yoga Retreat Greece in Professional Hands and to Let Go

It is time now to give yourself a break and give yourself a timeout in a fabulous and unique retreat. Yoga Skyros Academy does not only talk but also walks their talk. What is so different in the retreat concept of the Yoga Skyros Academy, which other retreats do not provide? Restore and reset your mind, body, and soul in Athens Seaside Glyfada, the Greek Riviera. You will immerse in a unique restorative and retreat program starting with the assessment and needs of your body status. Yoga Skyros Academy will use the self-healing power of your body by using yoga therapy sessions, kinesiology by Dr. Goodheart, and Dr. Bach consultation sessions and massage therapies upon prior agreement.

After the assessment the client will agree to write up the therapy plan.

This retreat is especially suitable for persons with a stressful life or rehabilitation needs. This Reset Retreat is made for Persons, who have a serious Will to Reset and Restore. Yoga Skyros Academy is not equipped for medical assistance to an existing long-term imbalance and has the right to refuse during check-in if the demand of the client cannot be met.

The Reset Retreat is 5 days and can be extended upon arrival.


The Restorative and Retreat program is designed for people who have a professional life and constantly are under stress and high tension, people in rehabilitation, people who are in changing life situation, people who need to reset after a stressful event, or people who just want to let go and enjoy the surrounding of an enchanting place with designed treatments.

After the assessment of your body status, you will receive not just Hatha yoga but Hatha yoga as therapy. There will be specially designed sessions of particular asanas in order to help you improve your posture and connect your body and mind. You will further receive the science and theory on why these asanas are being applied. Kinesiology will remove energy blockages in your body by using the Touch for Health Treatment by Dr. Goodheart to detect the location of the blockages. You will receive immediate treatment by using acupressure on the respective lymphatic and neurovascular points.

Moreover, you will receive Dr. Bach consultations in order to remove the negative feelings, which are the cause of most of nowadays’ diseases. Western medicine treats the symptoms, but Yoga Skyros Academy treats the origin of the disease.

All the treatments will be explained in detail during the Assessment and the Client has to approve.

As for the yoga part, Master Carmen Hellmann and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider herself will design for you the yoga sessions. As for the holistic treatments, the Diploma Kinesiologist and registered Dr. Bach Practitioner and Massage Therapist Dietmar Hellmann is in charge. The professionals with outstanding and proven records are taking care of you.

You will need to participate in a preliminary interview before the start of the course and the arrival at the Yoga Skyros Academy. You are not in any medical or mental treatments.

The Restorative Retreat Concept is designed for People who have,

  • professional life and are constantly under stress and with high tension.
  • rehabilitation ongoing.
  • changing and challenging life situations.
  • need to reset after a stressful event or are in grieving.
  • to let go and enjoy the surrounding of an enchanting place with treatments designed just for them.