Yoga and its Benefits on Mind and Body

Did you know?

As you can imagine, yoga has many benefits and it affects your whole essence, your whole being. It helps with stress management, mental and emotional health, quitting habits that do not serve us and reprogramming these into new healthy habits. It helps with sleep disorders and generally with one’s balance. Now more than ever there is science behind it supporting all arguments, which suggest that yoga helps with overall wellness, relieving stress and anxiety , musculoskeletal pain, and depression, weight loss and chronic diseases. Not only that, but it also promotes self-care and self-love, which is the root of many of the problems aforementioned.This way one consciously opens the Wisdom in order to gain an unconditional Love For Life.

What does the science say?

According to Dr. M. Javnbakht, from the Psychiatry Department from Islamic Azad University in Iran, taking part in yoga classes for two months can immensely reduce anxiety in people with anxiety disorders. In their paper, which was published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, the researchers say that ‘’yoga can be considered as a complementary therapy or an alternative method for medical therapy in the treatment of anxiety disorders.” Another study on the same paper, by the Division of Yoga & Life Sciences at the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation in India, explored the effect of yoga on lower back pain.They did a seven-day randomized control trial at a holistic health center, with 80 patients who have chronic lower back pain. They made  two groups – yoga therapy and physical therapy. Their results showed that practicing yoga is more effective than physical therapy at reducing pain, anxiety and depression, and improving spinal mobility.

i. On physical level, it helps each bodily cell to revitalize itself; it facilitates digestion, it makes inspiration more efficient and improves circulation of blood.

ii. On mental level, it proves to be applied method to train the mind to concentrate; it offers way to treat serious psychosomatic illness without drugs.

iii. On the emotional level, the strengthening of conscious reasoning controls reactions to environmental conditions and behavior of others.

iv. On spiritual level, regulation and transformation of blood chemistry through proper synthesization of neuro-endocrine secretions, dispassionate internal vibrations leads to attain the power to control the mind and to become free from the effects of external forces compelling one to lose equanimity.

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