Yoga Skyros Academy → Stay-A-Live Concept and Authentic Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Have you heard of Yoga Skyros Academy and Therapy Center, in Glyfada Seaside, Greece? Well, it's the only place so close to the City Center of Athens and Nature, where you can join and enjoy All-Year-Around programs of restoration, as well as to be taught and get certified as a Yoga Teacher and/or as a Yoga Therapist, in a traditional and authentic way, alongside the Masters Dietmar and Carmen Hellmann. It is the same Authentic Teaching done originally in India. 

The Spirit of Yoga Skyros Academy and Therapy Center is “ Stay-A-Live” within all the Turmoil around us it did not touch the Yoga Skyros Academy and Therapy Center. Here you do not feel the outside World around us. 

In Yoga Skyros, we respect your Privacy and Well-Being. You will have the time and space for yourself in our beautiful and luxurious place and the Areas around Glyfada Seaside. Here, we aim for and achieve high quality of the 3 T’s -Teaching -Training -Therapy, not only for the Body but for the Mind and Spirit as well. As BKS Iyengar has stated ''Health is the state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit''.

Yoga Skyros is different; because Dietmar and Carmen teach all courses by themselves, which shows the amplitude of their knowledge, love, persistence and inner power. Their approach to teaching and learning is ''baby steps''. They are here to support you along the way, with Patience and Love and as Carmen says ''The Body will always adapt to the demand, we put on it'', so there is no need to rush or doubt the process. Additionally, because quality is above quantity, and each class has maximum 10 students, each individual gets to develop a traditional and authentic ''Master'' to Student Relationship, where they are connected for life no matter how many miles apart.

We strive to share the ancient knowledge, practices and our light within the modern world. We can all heal ourselves and one another. Join us and feel the difference for yourself.

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