21 Days – 300 YTT Yoga Therapy Training Certification


8.00 – 9.00 Breakfast

9.00 – 10.00 Yoga Class

10.30 – 12.30 Theory and Philosophy

12.30 – 14.30 Lunch Break

14.30 – 16.00 Theory and Philosophy

16.00 -17.00 Yoga Class


300 YTT Yoga Alliance Professionals
Yoga Therapy Training Certification

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training according to our philosophy: Privacy with the Master

Yoga Therapy training is a new discipline of the ancient practice of Yoga which has its earliest roots in India. It includes:

Traditional Hatha Yoga
Ayurveda Science
Modern Medicine

In the short time of the existence of Therapy Yoga it has gained in popularity and now has a growing group of devotees worldwide


When does the training start and how long does the therapy training certification course take?

This 300 YTT yoga foundation course is  now available and runs over the period of 29 days.

This 300 YTT course is an upgrade to your 200YTT.  It applies to what you have learned in the foundation and is more practice oriented and comes with 30 hours of Yoga therapy consultation work.

What is included in my 300 YTT Yoga Therapy trainer course?

Privacy with the master

Exclusive course materials

This accreditation Workshop is a means to upgrade your Yoga skills to higher level. It strengthens the understanding of your body and mind.

All these things thought to you by the Yoga Skyros Academy allow you to become a certified Yoga Teacher who knows how to teach Yoga classes in a professional manner.

The next course starting dates:

Any arrival day when approved before reservation.

This therapy training certification is open for both non yoga teachers as well as certified Yoga teachers.


Requirements to graduate

Pass the online examinations with a score of 75% out of 100%

Complete a final teaching practice with 40 minute video of you giving a Yoga Class to some participants

Write an essay on Yoga on an assigned topic


Yoga Therapy in its present is a new discipline, created by the marriage of traditional Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda Science with modern medicine. It is a specialization of Yoga, which tailors Hatha Yoga Practice to the individual needs of people with health problems. It employs postural, breathing, relaxation and meditation practices, considering medical diagnosis and holistic factors. It emphasizes mind – body integration, extended awareness and the cultivation of a sense of harmony with the rest of life. It is applicable to many chronic conditions and can be used in conjunction with other complementary therapies. This 300 YTT Yoga Therapy Teacher Certification LEVEL II is to upgrade your 200 YTT Yoga Therapy Teacher to the Level of deepening and applying what you have in the 200 YTT Certification. We enable the new therapy yoga teacher to consultation and therapy work in reality at our reset retreat.


Yoga Therapy Teacher Training – Level II

Yoga therapy is the adaptation of yoga to a particular set of people – those with health problems. Although general yoga classes can often help resolve mild health problems, they may be ineffective for serious conditions. We are talking about, for example, coronary heart diseases, management of diabetes, hypertensive clients, obesity and all the other common disorders i.e. hormone imbalance, and sleeping disorder. Yoga therapy tailor’s yoga to individuals, considering their medical condition, constitution and life situation. Despite being specialized, yoga therapy retains the basic principles and aims of yoga. Therapy yoga is based on the holistic concept and therefore includes a balanced set of practices that calm and vitalize the mind and body, as well as acting on diseased parts.

Each class has a maximum of ten - 12 students, and this will give you the privilege of being closer to your master and applying yoga as therapy to clients. Devise long-term plans for private clients.

High quality teaching, better learning and understanding, and better connection to your consciousness and inner peace. The following are aspects of the topics that you will cover during this yoga therapy program:

  • Deepen understanding of the connection between asanas and disease
  • Learn to design and specify a therapy asana plan for 3 month
  • Learn about the importance of mind management and staying healthy
  • Learn the science and secrets of the 7 Dhatus: Shukra, Majja, Asthi, Meda, Mamsa, Rakta and Rasa
  • Learn easily applied panchakarma
  • Case study work: 6 cases and provide therapies
  • General client work

The difference between the Yoga Skyros Academy concept is that the lead teacher and master will train you. Therefore, based on the solid foundation of their yoga teaching concept, the newly certified yoga therapy teachers can develop their Holistic understanding and add on other holistic specifications i.e. Dr. Bach, Kinesiology on demand.

With the yoga therapy teacher training, Academy offers a nurturing team environment in which to grow and evolve as yoga therapy teachers and individuals, as well as a place to make a career in yoga. Yoga Skyros Academy has been training instructors to teach since 2005 and has set up many Hatha yoga teachers for success in the field of teaching yoga. You will be able to give individual lessons in yoga therapy from day one. The Yoga Skyros Academy concept takes a completely different approach – 100 per cent practical and career-focused. Their graduates are qualified, competent, and employable from the day they get their certification. Yoga Skyros Academy Therapy Teacher concept empowers and inspires.

Prior Yoga expierience is not required but is certainly a plus, especially the foundation 200 YTT course

You will need to participate in a preliminary interview before the start of the course and the arrival at the Yoga Skyros Academy.