7 Days Wake Up Your Own Yogi Part I


· 08:00 – 09.00 Yoga Class

· 10:30 – 12.30 Theory and Lecture

· 12:30 – 15.00 Lunch break

· 15:00 - 16.00 Free Time for Self-Study and Recreation

· 17:00 – 18.00 Yoga Class/Meditation


7 Days Wake up your own Yogi
Part I


Yoga Teacher Training according to our philosophy: Privacy with the Master

This course is the first awakening in the ancient practice of Yoga which has its earliest roots in India

If you are tired of the fast food online yoga and want to design your own routines than this is the course for you.


How long does the wake up your own Yogi course take?

This first part to the wake up your own Yogi foundation course is now available and runs over the period of 7 days.

What is included in my wake up your Yogi course?

Privacy with the master

Exclusive course materials

This Workshop is a means to upgrade your Yoga skills to higher level. It strengthens the understanding of your body and mind.


The next course starting dates:

Any arrival day when approved before reservation.

This workshop is open for both non yoga teachers as well as certified Yoga teachers.

It is advisable to also check out part of this course.

Some Highlights of the Material you will be thought

Explore the History of Yoga with the ancient text of the Masters

Alignment of Asanas

Basic Physiology and Anatomy related to Asana and Chakra

Sequence Asanas in a fluid manner

Learn different Sequences according to the respective targeted Chakra



Create your own yoga practice sessions


There will be 2 different Sessions each 7 Days lasting, where you learn a particular Subject of Yoga. In these 2 Session you will learn the Essential of Asanas and the Essence of Chakras.

7 Days: Asanas and Chakras

· Asanas

The Yoga Academy is based on the concept of small classes, high quality teaching, better learning and understanding, and better connection to your consciousness and Inner Peace in a Safe and Healthy Environment. The following are just some aspects of the topics that you will cover during the program

· Explore the History of Yoga with the ancient text of the Masters

· Learn about alignment of Asanas

· Learn basic Physiology and Anatomy related to Asana and Chakra

· Learn how to sequence Asanas in a fluid manner

· Learn the different Sequence according to the respective Chakra

· Chakras

Chakras are Wheel of Energy that regulates our daily harmony, Prana, the Life Force. During this Week you will study how those Chakra effect our daily Life when they are not balanced and active. This knowledge will help you to wake the Inner Yogi, So that the Yogi is in full joy, love, and healthy in peace and free from sorrow.

You will need to participate in a preliminary interview before the start of the course and the arrival at the Yoga Skyros Academy.